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Who is Sarnoff Property Tax?

Since 1986, Sarnoff Property Tax, previously Sarnoff & Baccash, has been a leading property tax law firm in the state of Illinois, blending the expertise of former government lawyers with a team dedicated to property tax assessment and valuation.

Our commitment to high-quality, cost-efficient legal consulting aims to lower property taxes, secure fair market values and enhance client profitability through meticulous analysis and strategic incentives.

Our Team of Property Tax Lawyers Is Here for You

Our team of skilled lawyers offers a wealth of experience and expertise in property tax law. Their leadership and dedication to the field have positioned Sarnoff Property Tax as a trusted advisor for clients seeking to navigate the complexities of lowering property tax through incentives and appeals.

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Sarnoff Property Tax lawyers
Jimmy and Bob Sarnoff

Our Mission and Principles as a Firm

At Sarnoff Property Tax, our mission is to increase your income by reducing property taxes. We adhere to foundational principles that shape our approach to service. These overarching principles ensure our commitment to client success, integrity, and innovation in all we do.

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Industry Thought Leader

At Sarnoff, we actively engage with the real estate community through speaking at industry seminars, lectures, and educational events, sharing insights on property tax law and assessment appeals. 

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Discover how Sarnoff Property Tax can elevate your financial well-being by reducing property taxes. Join our community of satisfied clients and benefit from our expertise in property tax law.


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